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>> are they supposed to give up their entire family? >> if you don't want to work, somebody else will take the job. >> well, fine. gee. but if everyone took a stand and said let's wait until friday to open, do you think they would do that? >> everyone who? >> like the retailers? >> would consumers take that stand? >> yeah. >> not going to happen. stay with us. news 4 continues right now at 5:00 a.m. >> and now from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 today. breaking news as israel strikes back in the gaza strip after more deadly attacks. >> a busy day on the hill as lawmakers demand answers on the u.s. consulate in libya. welcome to news 4. a live look outside right now at 5:00 a.m. 43 degrees out there. safe to say keep out the winter coats.
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no more shoving them in the back of the closet. >> look outside. don't go out there. it is another cold morning. make sure you wear your warmest winter coat. a lot of cloudiness. here's the view from space. cloud cover drifting over the region coming from the south. a disturbance in the carolinas giving us this cloud cover. we're not going to get any precipitation from it. right near freezing much of virginia, maryland. it's still cold, feeling like a december morning. prince gorgeous, my-30s. much of southern maryland, calvert, st. mary's, a rundell, mostly above 40. prince william county, into the shenandoah valley, a few isolated spots there. a little bit below freezing. when the sky is cleared out, western maryland, west virginia,
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it's into the upper 20s there. a lot of cloudiness. light wind. cold morning. near 50 by midafternoon. sunrise, 6:51. sunset, 4:54. we'll take a look at another hometown forecast in 10 minutes. a look at traffic now. >> good morning. let's check in for cameras, accidents, not seeing any. that's the good news in our area. most of the road work is just about complete. i-95 in maryland, nice between the capital beltway. i-270 right now. a live look as you travel in clarksbu clarksburg. southbound and northbound. no issues between frederick and the beltway. here's a live look now. i-270 and i-95, absolutely clear. over to you. >> thank you so much. breaking news now. the violence between israel and hamas intensifies.
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an attack on the gaza strip killed three overnight. israel launched an offensive killing the military leader of hamas on the air strike on gaza. palestinian leaders say president mahmoud abbas cut short a trip to europe. some of the nation's top intelligence officers will tell congress about september's deadly attack in september in benghazi, libya. they will begin holding hearings about the attack. the former cia director david petraeus, who resigned suddenly last week, after admit to go have an affair, will testify testimony. petraeus visited libya shortly after the attack. michael morrel will answer questions behind closed doors today. president obama firing back at republicans who blasted susan rice's response to the attack in benghazi.
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they criticized her for insisting that the attack was sparked by anger over an anti-islam film despite the fact that it was a coordinated attack. senator john mccain is trying to block her if she is chosen to succeed hillary clinton. benghazi hearings won't be the only major discussion on capitol hill. they will learn more about the fbi's investigation that led to david petraeus's resignation. robert mueller and shawn joyce will meet for a second straight day. paula broadwell september e-mail toss several high-ranking military officers in an attempt to undermine tampa socialite's reputation. she is friends with petraeus and it cost both some privileges. the military suspended the u.s. army security clearance and kelley's air force base pass.
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the edge of the fiscal cliff is still a month and a half away but it is already spooking investigators on wall street. the dow posted its third triple digit loss in more than a week closing down 185 points. both it and the s&p 500 ended at the lowest levels since the summer. the nasdaq is down 10% from just september. investors say the fear of grid lock on capitol hill is driving this tailspin. president obama, though, says there is room for agreement. as i've said before, i'm open to compromise and i'm open to new ideas. and i've been encouraged to hear republican after republican agree on the need for more revenue from the wealthiest americans as part of our a arithmetic if we're serious about reducing the deficit. >> the president did say he would not accept continued tax cuts for the weighing theye weif
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americans. . the u.s. economy is very resilient and won't collapse even if a plan can't be agreed on january 1st. buffet also says he believes the economy will be fine even if income and capitals gains taxes were significantly higher. it is unclear why a man pulled a began on a sheriff's deputy. that deputy fired his weapon killing the man. this went down at a home on 63rd avenue, riverdale road. he was trying to serve a peace order, similar to a protective order. a woman answered the door, let the deputy in. then a man came out from another room with a gun. the deputy fired his weapon, killing the man. neighbors were surprised to hear the deadly shooting in that home. >> i know them enough to say, hey, how are you, a face and a name. we're going to be concerned. this is our neighborhood.
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>> the sheriff's deputy is a tenured officer and is now on administrative leave. police hope images can help track down this man who robbed a walmart on route 198 and shot a store manager. the manager followed the gunman outside to the parking lot. rescuers took him to the hospital. he is expected to be okay >> prince george's police officer are starting to get their pay raises in four years after months of tense negotiations opinion arbittor ruled that the county opened the officers raises to make up from pay freezes stemming from the recession. the average is 8%. some as high as 12. it will cost $8 million at a time they are projecting a budget shortfall. it could use a reserve fund to pay for the raises. the district released a
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consolidation plan this week. mostly in wards 5 and 7. no schools will close in wards 1 and 3. the meeting is at 4:00 this afternoon. there will be another meeting monday. mayor gray will ultimately decide whether to approve the consolidation plan >> eight minutes now after the hour. startling new numbers about poverty in america. a bizarre new twist in the domestic assault case involving hope solo and her fiancee. >> tom kierein is tracking changes to a coast willal storm heading our way.
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welcome back, everybody. 11 after the hour. a quick thank you to the students out at julius west middle school for inviting me to come out yesterday and have a little conversation with some of the young men at the school just to talk a little bit about the media. had a great conversation there about the media, about news, about life and college. >> all kinds of fun stuff. >> thank you for the t-shirt as well. >> this is a nice t-shirt too. >> it is. good fabric. when i work out. but thank you to the school
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counselor and the students. >> i was about to say something mean but i'm not going to. >> thank you. >> tom kierein, it's cold out there. >> it is. you'll be glad you're wearing your puffy coat. it's a little bit above freezing. brandywine, prince george's county, a lot of cloudiness, upper 30s. it ought to be in the mid and upper 40s. maybe a little sun peeking out this afternoon. hour by hour. here's the forecast for the entire region. highs reaching near 50 by midafternoon. and a light wind and a lot of cloudiness. seven-day outlook. >> good morning. still pretty quiet in our area. down i-95 out of stafford. northbound and southbound travel lanes are open. a live look as you wake your way past the river bridge. nice and clear connecting to the beltway. same thing southbound. no major delays just yet.
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395, here's what it looks like. back over to you. on the run from police. but that's not stopping a software mogul from talking about the incident >> messages from another generation. the
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missing the intersection completely. coming up in
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breaking news for you right
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now. a attitude 5.9 earthquake hit mexico. the quake was felt in mexico city even though it hit 100 miles to the southwest. to information on damage or injuries. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get that into the newsroom. take a look at this video showing a dramatic crash in massachusetts this morning. a 56-year-old emergency room doctor faces dui charges. a traffic camera shows the woman speeding through a store parking lot, jumping the curb, and over the sidewalk, crashing her suv into a car stopped at a red light. the man in the car spent a few days in the hospital with cracked ribs. police arrested the doctor on the scene. she was wearing her scrubs at the time. she has another court hearing in january. >> software company founder john mcafee says he has nothing to do with the murder of his neighbor and he is hiding from police because he claims they want to kill him. mcafee is wanted for questioning in the death of his american
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neighbor last weekend in belize. in a telephone interview with the associated press mcafee says he's hiding unarmed accompanied but a young woman and constantly moving to stay ahead of police. >> to trust myself in their hands is menacing. i really do. beat me and then execute me. and i did not kill him. i can't ever see myself doing anything like that. >> the 67-year-old admits he had differences with him and his dogs were poisoned by his neighbors or government agents. crews took the man accused in the deadly movie theater to the hospital. the denver post reports james holmes rammed his head into a jail cell wall. the 24-year-old was due in court today but the postponed the hearing.
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holmes's attorneys did not give details about his condition. during a midnight screening of the "dark knight rises". hope solo and jeremy stevens tied the knot tuesday just hours after stevens appeared in court on suspicion of assaulting solo. this all started monday with a fight that apparently got out of hand over where the couple would live after their tuesday wedding. officers who responded near seattle said she had a cut to her elbow. they arrested stevens on suspicion of assault. in court tuesday a judge released stevens saying there was no probable cause for the assault. the couple got married just hours later. hope solo's u.s. soccer team member said she was happy to witness such an amazing celebration of real love. 18 after the hour. a senate committee will look into the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak.
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the owner of that pharmacy will be called to testify but he likely will not say much. he refused to testify in front of the house committee yesterday and cited his fifth amendment right. the fda told the congressional panel it needs more authority to regulate compounding pharmacies. the out break has been linked to the deaths of 32 people. 460 others have gotten sick in 19 states, including maryland and virginia. poverty in america has reached a new high. according to new numbers from the census bureau, 49.7 million people are living some poverty, up from $49 million in 2010. medical expenses, higher living costs and more limited access to government programs for immigrants are all considered factors in the rise. the states with the highest poverty rates, d.c. ranks second, california tops the list. mitt romney said, quote, gifts offered to minority voters is what led to the president's reelection. he made the comments in a call
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to top donors. romney said he believed they rode a superb campaign and focused on big issues that affected the entire country. a florida restaurant owner is taking criticism for the obama care to the next level. john metz, who owns several denny's said he will add a 5% surcharge to customers's bills in 2014. he said passing on the cost of obama care to customers is his only alternative to a potential rise in health care costs. he said he will cut the hours of many full-time employees to under 30 hours to avoid a penalty he would face for not insuring some of his workers. two weeks after hurricane sandy slammed into the east coast, president obama heads into the damaged zone for a second time. today he will visit staten
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island to evaluate recovery efforts there. it's his first visit to sandy's impact zone in about two weeks when the president toured parts of new jersey with governor chris christie. and the president's visit comes as two of the biggest utility companies face investigation into how well they prepared and responded to superstorm sandy. con edison and long island power both received subpoenas yesterday requesting records on restoring power and communicating with customers. the storm left 2 million in new york in the dark for days. some still don't have their powerback. one family found dozens of touching displays of love on the beach. the pack of love letters was soaking wet with had the family found them. after drying them out, they read the letters from a young woman to her boyfriend. >> i want to return them to
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whoever they belong to. they're so beautiful. she must have adored him. i love you, dear, and miss you very much. all my love always, dotty. >> he died 21 years ago but 91-year-old dotty is living in asbury park. the family was able to track them down after contacting her niece in virginia. they will be returning those letters to her. oh, i have chills just thinking about the history in those letters and what she's going to feel after re-reading them after so many years. >> i hope she will let a camera be around to capture that moment. >> very cool, yeah. >> all right a look at at our forecast. 43 degrees outside our studio. still cold, tom. >> not as cold but still cold. feeling like december morning not november. we have a lot of cloudiness continue to go stir from the north. it's clearing out from western maryland into parts of west virginia. but much of the region going to stay cloudy a lot of the day. we may see sun later this afternoon. right now under the clouds most
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of the region is above freezing, especially near the bay waters. montgomery, prince george's, arlington, fairfax, generally mid-30s. farther west where the cloud cover is even thinner, down to the upper 20s, panhandle of west virginia and washington county west into western maryland. upper 20s now. later today storm team 4 four-day forecast up around 50 degrees. overnight tonight partly cloudy. mid-30s by dawn on friday. tomorrow looking partly cloudy with afternoon highs into the low to mid-50s. and then cold weather on saturday morning. clear. down near freezing. low 50s. a lot of sun on saturday. sunday looking partly cloudy. morning lows, mid-30s. coastal storm you're talking about the last few days. we may not have any effects from it. highs mid-50s. a look at traffic.
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>> good morning. metro reported delays. six minutes. this is on the 403. over to the roadways, let's discuss bridges. travel lanes are open here. a live look as you make your way around. on the outer loop as well as the inner loop, no issues. you can get by without problems. key bridge, nice and clear. over the 14th street bridge heading into the district, getting a little bit busy but right now no delays, no accidents. aaron, over to you. >> thank you. scientists say they have discovered a gene mutation that triples the chance of a person contracting alzheimer's. it is uncommon, showing up in less than 1% of people. this discovery is important because it may yield new clues about the causes of alz heimers and how to treat it >> 45 million americans are
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smokers. today is the day to try to quit. today is the 37th annual great american smokeout, encouraging an end to smoking. according to the american cancer society, tobacco use is responsible for one in five deaths. today george washington university president steven nenn will announce a plan to make its campuses completely smoke free by next fall. this morning the washington wizards from a dubious distinction. they are the only nba team without a win this season so far. the wiz fell to 0-7 last night when they lost to the mavericks, 107-101. one loss short of the worst in franchise history last season. the wizards will go for the first victory at the verizon city against the jazz. come on, wizards.
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gonzalez will have to settle for third place. nats won yesterday. gonzalez still had a stellar season. he finished the year with 21-8 record and e.r.a. under 3.0. harper was named rookie of the year monday. johnson won for manager of the year on tuesday. and we still say good going, geo. >> good season for him. next year, there you go. >> running into the end zone, making a big touchdown with just moments left in the game. >> one boy in oklahoma didn't let the fact that he can't actually run stop him from putting a "6" on the board. 9-year-old jason smith is restricted to a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy. he's been watching his twin brother from the sidelines. with just a few minutes left in the game, jason's father, also the team coach, gave him the ball and a teammate pushed him all the way into the end zone. >> it was very surprising.
5:27 am
we were going pretty fast. >> just to see that big smile on his face like that, that was a great feeling for me. >> after the big touchdown, players from both teams crowded around jason giving him high-fives and cheered him on. it's the little things. >> yeah. >> they teach so much sometimes. >> good for jason. >> our time right now is 5:27. a new wave of criticism for the white house as the deadly attack in libya takes center stage on capitol hill. plus, new developments raising new questions about the safety of those popular energy drinks. a lot of us waking up to temperatures below freezing right now. a look at whether the cold is
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looking at the stories making headlines right now at 5:30. the deadly attack of a u.s. consulate in libya. a prince george's sheriff's deputy on leave this morning after shooting a man in riverdale. >> today is your first chance to plan to close as many as 20 d.c. schools. much more throughout the morning. first, good morning to you.
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i'm eun yang. welcome back on this thursday, november 15th. it's going to be hard to peel the blanket off this morning. >> so hard. >> and bundle up when you get outside. >> here's tom kierein with your forecast. tom, good morning. >> grab the winter coat. temperatures around the region are in the mid and upper stheur30s. on the bay it's in the low 40s. here's your hour-by-hour forecast. 7:00 a.m., temperatures mid-30s. a lot of cloudiness. cloudiness through noon time. during the afternoon, sunshine breaking out. temperatures around 50 degrees. sunrise, 6:51. sunset, 4:54. hometown forecast in 10 minutes. a look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. checking cameras in our area, good news, construction westbound. it's gone.
5:32 am
let's head over now talking about the beltway in virginia earlier this morning. it is clear. in fact, as you head down to the interchange, travel lanes are open. very light volume still. 5:32. congress will finally begin trying to get to the bottom of what happened in benghazi, libya, the night the u.s. consulate was attacked. the congress will hold hearings on the attack. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with details. good morning. >> eun, good morning. good morning, everyone. the hearings get under way here on capitol hill. but tomorrow a different committee, the house intelligence committee holds its hearing. we hear general david petraeus will testify on what he learned about the attacks in benghazi. four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, killed
5:33 am
in what susan rice initially said were protests and there were protests going on in the region. turns out this is a terror attack. she has been criticized for not knowing that five days after the attacks. the president defended her at a press conference yesterday. >> senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody they should go after me. >> this president and this administration has either be guilty of colossal incompetence. >> rice's name has been mentioned as possible replacement for hillary clinton as secretary of state. the president yesterday did not discuss whether or not he's actually considering her for nomination, whether he would be remiss to do that because of what republicans have said. he says that process is ongoing and he won't discuss it. however, john mccain says if her
5:34 am
name does come up he will absolutely block that. eun? >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. an update on breaking news. >> good morning. keeping an eye on the violence happen anything israel. overnight as we told you three israelis were killed in rocket fire from the gaza strip. they say hamas has launched more than 700 rocket attacks into the country since the beginning of the year. now, early this morning we just learned israel dropped leaflets warning to stay away. that campaign explains the reasons for the strike. they're tweeting, posting videos and pictures. we'll keep you updated on the situation there throughout the morning. and new this morning, british oil company bp says it's close to reaching a settlement with the u.s. over the gulf oil spill.
5:35 am
bp expected to pay record fines but no final agreement has been reached. in 2010, the deepwater horizon rig exploded killing 11 workers and spilled oil into the gulf of mexico for 87 days. closing arguments could begin today in the trial for a bowie state university student. frazier was stabbed to death in september 2011. alexis simpson was acting in self-defense and the stabbing was accidental. the roommates got into a fight over loud music in the dorm. a friend of the victim tepld that frazier hit simpson and she had a knife had her hand and may not have meant to cut him. he was bullied and asked for a new room assignment two weeks before the deadly fight. it's possible a teen charged with two manager may be responsible for other crimes. the death of a taxicab driver
5:36 am
last week. tips revealed he was the suspected gunman behind a murder in waldorf. this morning there's no telling when every d.c. tax cab will get a smart meter. the bidding process has to be restarted after the district fired the employee who oversaw the first round. the contracting officer made several errors in $35 million deal with veriphone. meters have a credit card reared and tv monitor. nbc 4 has a contract to provide content for those televisions. new rules to regulate uber. the proposal would make it follow similar rules in place for taxicabs.
5:37 am
taxi drivers argue that uber steals business with its online and cell phone request system. some want to put its modern system out of business to protect traditional taxis. 5:37. the government says it is investigating a dozen deaths linked to 5-hour energy drinks. reports of 13 deaths since 2008. the agency says right now no proof that it caused hospitalization or death. the cases call for more observation of the product and other dietary supplements that promise customers an energy boost. >> are retailers going too far when it comes to black friday? a petition on to target ceo has received more than
5:38 am
200,000 signatures from people opposed to the store opening thanksgiving night. a target associate started the petition after target, walmart, toys "r" us opened its doors on thanksgiving morning, meaning employees will have to report to work instead spending time with their families. target said they're just keeping up with customer demand. a lot of places for years have been opening midnight friday morning to get people into the stores and let them shop early. they offer huge deals. one could argue this is a natural progression. it's a big downer on family time some could argue. >> true. >> i'm just saying. >> we could talk for hours. >> i know, right? >> some of the stores said they will open thanksgiving morning. when do you have time to watch football and sleep? all right. 5:38. people in the district getting a chance to speak out about a plan to close a number of city
5:39 am
schools. plus, good news for women. the potential treatment that could keep your man from straying. >> don't forget your winter coat and hat.
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weather and traffic on the 1s. 5:41. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. cloudy. we're in the 30s. hometown forecast upper 30s by 8:00 a.m. by noon time, mid 40s. here's the forecast for the whole region. afternoon highs reaching near 50. seven-day outlook. how is traffic? >> let's start with delays on the road. if you're taking metro, metro station on the red line, you can expect delays in both directions on the red lines. an accident i-95 northbound. as you make your way towards 123. you can see here it looks like the cars are just getting by in the right lane. i want to show you delays of prince william parkway because that's where you're jammed >> 5:42. still to come, costly mistake. buying a box of twinkies m
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15 before the hour. later today the parents of d.c. schoolchildren can weigh on on a plan to close as many as 20 schools.
5:46 am
mostly in wards 5 and 7. no schools will close in wards 1 and 3. the meeting is at 4:00 this afternoon. there will be another meeting monday. prince george's county police officers are starting to get their first pay raises in four years. an arbitrator ruled they were owed raises. between 8% and 12%. it will cost the county $8 million at a time the county is projecting a $125 million budget shortfall. the county has acknowledged it could use a reserve fund to pay for the increases. d.c. police think there is a connection between four incidents in two nights targeting women. they are investigating a sex assault and abduction and series of robberies in northeast that happened this past friday and saturday. officers are looking for four young men driving an older red nissan maxima. a woman said a doctor left a piece of equipment in her foot
5:47 am
after surgery. she's sharing her story to prevent the medical mistake from happening before. she had surgery nine months ago at medstar. doctor operated on her foot, removing a bunion but left something behind. she kept complaining that her foot bothered her a week after surgery but the doctor sent her home without an x-ray. a second doctor gave her an x-ray and found a broken drill bit. >> i have had this in my foot for three months. my foot was so big and so red and some blue. >> medstar tells news 4 it will look into the matter and get back to us today. you may remember her. she made headlines a few years ago for trying to keep a pet monkey in montgomery county. the dream act could have more of an impact in the state than at first thought. it allows undocumented immigrants to pay in-state
5:48 am
tuition at colleges. they expect the high school dropout rate to drop in the state. table games will soon join the casino. customers will be able to play 24 hours a day. the casino hopes to nearly double its staff by adding 1,200 new employees. >> this will take us to 3,000 people. it makes us just about the largest in the state. the largest taxpayer in the state >> they will be rolling out job fares and free dealer training program. it hopes to complete expansion by early spring. warner is still deciding whether he want toss run for governor of virginia. if he does the democratic senator and former governor
5:49 am
would be an early favorite to win. current lieutenant governor by 20 points in a new quinnipiac university poll. warner said he will decide by thanksgiving if he wants to run next year. the district is seeing a housing boom. one d.c. council member wants to lower property taxes to keep long-time residents from moving. the district kept annual home owner property tax increases at 10% since 2006. d.c. council finance and revenue chairman jack evans said he wants legislation to limit home owner property income taxes to 5%, not 10% as long as someone stays in their home. evans said the city is benefitting from two decades of aggressive redevelopment. one of the metro area's
5:50 am
longest running newspapers is closing up shot. it told its readers it will present its final edition november 30th. the paper traces its roots to a publication that began in 1869. and a local school lost its national ranking. u.s. news and world report removed george washington university off its coveted list. it mistakenly inflated the high school standings of its incoming students by 20% over the past decade. gw had been ranked 51st. u.s. news said the school will remain unranked until the 2014 best colleges publication is released. gw's president said he regrets the error and is taking measures to make sure it does not happen again. can the so-called love hormone keep men from stray something well, a new study says maybe. german researchers gave a group
5:51 am
of men oxctocin in the form of a nasal spray and another a practice see bow. those who received a placebo kept greater distance when approached by women. how do we know it's the hormone and not just the men in relationships knowing better to then -- >> not even paying attention. >> that's a good question. love potion number 9. >> maybe he or she is being faithful because just the right thing to do. >> 5:51. meteorologist tom kierein with the forecast. >> plenty of this coming up this winter. we have had a preview of winter here in the last couple of
5:52 am
weeks. the brief respite over the weekend. we have another cold stretch. there's capitol hill. 42 at reagan national. got a win coming out of the northeast. that feels even chillier. it is cold. not quite as cold as yesterday. still feeling more like a december morning. the cloud cover with us throughout the morning. temperatures generally in the mid-30s in prince george's, montgomery, arlington and fairfax. much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore above freezing, including charles county. cross the potomac, prince william and farther west into loudon, faulkier. all those locations generally above freezing. farther west, below freezing. shenandoah, into the mountains, much of that area into the 20s. cold, light wind in the 30s. generally around freezing in the
5:53 am
metro area. still cloudy. low to mid-40s by then. northeast winds 5 to 10 miles per hour. storm team 4 four-day forecast. sunshine breaking out as we hit near 50. high this time of year is 58. nowhere near that. mid week next week. the latest on the coastal storm. it may be moving farther out to sea. therefore, we will probably stay dry but chilly into mid week next week. i'm back in 10 minutes. good morning. the metro still seeing the delay on the red line. glen mont and wheaton. you will see delays in both directions. over to the roadways, i-95 northbound. blocking two of your left lanes. talk about delays about five miles. and you are jammed. a live look as you make your way past prince william parkly. you are bumper to bumper as you are squeezing by.
5:54 am
i-270 southbound out of frederick, slow to clarksburg road. you're clear to the beltway. eun and aaron. >> 5:53. robert griffin iii has a new role, team captain. head coach mike shanahan said he was voted by other offensive players. shanahan usually holds a vote for captains before the season and midway through. he joins trent williams as captain on offense. fletcher, cofield and bowen are the defensive cap taps. shanahan says he thinks this is the first time he has had a rookie captain. so well deserved for robert griffin iii. richmond is the new home of the redskins training camp. ready for the team by summer. the city plans to pull the money from construction budgets for a new city jail and schools. the projects, however, are expected to remain on track. and the $10 million repaid through sponsorships. it will include a field house,
5:55 am
medical facility, two football field and double as sports medicine and men's health facility when not used by the team. terps going out for the annual blackout game this weekend. take a look at the uniforms they will be wearing. they call these maryland's block ops uniforms. it features part of the maryland flag. the terps, who have struggled since losing all four scholarship quarterbacks to injury face florida state. game time noon in college park. five minutes before the top of the hour now. new york and new jersey were hit hard by the hurricane sandy. but the storm could soon prove to be costly to you. the taxpayer. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. you're right, fema may need a bailout for its national flood insurance program. the agency says claims from hurricane sandy may be four
5:56 am
times greater than the capacity. the program has the ability to borrow $3 billion but faces about $12 billion in storm-related claims. fema's program is essentially the country's only flood insurer for residential property. a bailout would require congressional approval. but this wouldn't be the first time the program received a bailout in 2005 following hurricane katrina. and in retail news, starbucks has a new caffeine addiction and it's tea. the coffee chain is buying teavana. the biggest acquisition ever. starbucks ceo schultz said the company will try to bring a starbuck-like experience to teavana. he said stores will be updated with a tea bar selling hot and cold drinks and plans to opening in more urban errors other than
5:57 am
shopping malls where it currently has locations. >> thank you. some of your favorite snacks and guilty pleasure foods could be just days away from rolling off the assembly line for the last time. hostess brand, which makes twinkies and the donettes will try to liquidate unless workers stop striking. employees hit the picket lines after court-ordered paycuts. they filed for chapter 11 in january. if the company does lick dade, operations could stop as soon as tuesday. my goodness gracious, life without twinkies. get away from my car. get away from my car. >> that's not going to do it. there's a wild turkey out there attacking cars. this home video from farmington, connecticut. a guy trying to go to work. he had little warning before the fowl turned on him. the bird bullies have gotten
5:58 am
more bold. several reports about them attacking cars the last few weeks. >> they know what's coming. that's why. they're upset.
5:59 am
in just a few hours, answers about the deadly attack on the u. c

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